Stress & Your Themostat

In today's economy, many of us are dealing with increased utility costs. Paying too much for your heating and cooling bill is definitely going to add to your stress level.

There are many ways that your home environment can affect your anxiety. Not getting a good night's sleep has been proven to contribute to stress during the day, and can even affect your overall health.

Having your thermostat checked can reduce your stress and save you valuable resources. A malfunctioning thermostat will drastically increase your energy bill. If you have a bad thermostat, you might be throwing away hundreds of dollars.

Save yourself a lot of stress and get your thermostat inspected. It might not seem like an important thing to put on your to-do list but its simple maintenance routines like making sure your thermostat is working properly that can make a big difference in your day to day comfort.

In fact, a new high tech new thermostat can pay for itself in savings and keep you cool by allowing you to remotely turn your A/C on or off from your iPhone or other wireless device. No more cooling an empty house, but still come home to a comfortable temperature. And if you sleep better with a cooler temperature; a programmable thermostat can be adjusted to have a cooler home at night but then rise again during the day to save you big bucks.



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Partner in Education
Fairview Elementary - Fort Smith

Cookbooks For Sale

Students, Parents and PTA at Fairview Elementary pulled together all their favorite family receipes to create a wonderful cookbook.

Cooking is Elementary is full of favorties. It includes favorite recipes for entrees, side dishes, salads, main dishes, desserts, candy and a few extras.

Fairview's Cookbooks are selling for $10 each and can be purchased in the school office or by emailing April Birkhead at


The Real Scoop on Green Light Bulbs

Want to save money on your energy bills while saving the environment as well? Try switching to green light bulbs. Commonly called compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFL bulbs, these bulbs save energy and money while cutting carbon emissions as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. 

There are many benefits to making the switch. For one, CFL bulbs give off a high quality, warm and inviting light. In the past, older fluorescents produced cool white light that many people felt made their homes seem industrial. The new modern CFL bulbs emit a soft light for a relaxing home environment. 

Another benefit of taking the plunge and switching to CFL bulbs is efficiency. Did you know that a CFL bulb lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb? It's true! A 22-watt CFL bulb puts off the same light as a 100-watt incandescent one. While CFL bulbs are initially more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they save money over the long haul. CFL bulbs use 1/3 of the electricity used by traditional bulbs.  

If you are looking for ways to do your part in helping the environment, switching to CFL bulbs in your home will make an impact in a big way. Using a single CFL bulb in place of an incandescent one will keep 1/2 ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere over its lifetime.  

In the past, the older CFL bulbs came in only one style and thus, could not be used in every fixture in the home. Now, these bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available in tube lamp styles, with 2 or 4 tubes per lamp, spiral, globe, and flood styles as well. There are even candle shaped bulbs for chandeliers and CFL bulbs shaped just like the standard incandescent ones.

Making this switch will not only save you money and save the environment!

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